The Complete Guide to Google Attributes for Local SEO


The Complete Guide to Google Attributes for Local SEO

Learn how to use attributes to optimize your local listings and drive more business from Google Business Profiles.

Local SEO Guide How to Optimize For Google’s E A T Algorithm

Local SEO Guide How to Optimize For Google’s E A T Algorithm

In this local SEO guide search engine optimization step by step walk-through I will guide you through the process of optimizing for Google’s E-A-T algorithm for the best results. In part one I started at the beginning doing analyzation of the top local ranking Google competitors looking heavily at Google’s SEO E A T factors.

Than in this video part two looking at the top ranking local websites for the trust signals and factors that are considered part of the EAT algorithm for any particular search engine results page ( SERP ) especially for YMYL niches such as the example I am walking through live. I will walk you though optimization of schema markup that the others are utilizing on there sites to finish up this guide.

If you have any questions related to Google’s eat algorithm please feel free to ask any and all Google search engine optimization local question below and I’ll be happy to answer them after today’s local SEO guide.

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How to Add Google My Business Keywords – A Guide to Local SEO and Ranking Well

1:02 – Why are Google My Business keywords so important?
2:12 – How to update your Google My Business category
2:41 – Updating your profile description
3:16 – Adding business attributes to your profile
3:48 – How to get more customer reviews on Google
4:51 – Other SEO recommendation for Google My Business
6:33 – Ranking on Google Maps Pack

Retailers too often ignore the power of local SEO. To be fair, it’s a daunting endeavor, but there are so many ways to take advantage of the opportunity.

Optimizing your Google My Business profile is the place to start. It’s as simple as keeping it updated with accurate information. From there, you can start focusing on keyword strategies, getting more reviews, adding photos and videos, and more.

Learn how about Google My Business keywords and more here:

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Local SEO Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide To Ranking Locally

Local SEO Tutorial – The Ultimate Guide To Ranking Locally covers everything anyone could ever need to know about ranking their local business higher.

This local search engine optimization video is perfect for any business owner. I use a landscaping company located in Miami as an example.

I begin by reviewing the Google Business Profile. GBP is imperative if you want to rank locally. A well optimized GBP can help generate more leads than another source. We review the GBP with a grid search and match it against the top ranking competitors.

The domain is reviewed, and we discover how many backlinks are linking to our site. We upload the keyword information and all other domain data to the checklist.

The speed of the core web vital assessment is close to passing and when you run your business through the CWV test, ensure you monitor the mobile results.

No local SEO tutorial is complete without analyzing a competitor of the business. We review the top ranking performance and identify what they have done so well to enable them to have the top map pack spot.

Finally, we plan how we will approach the local SEO campaign with the evidence we have gathered.

Everything I Used,

ODM FREE Local Checklist:

GMB Everywhere tool:

ODM YouTube Channel:
My YouTube Video On ALL The Free Tools:

Osborne Digital Marketing FREE Audit:

Rank Math: &campaign=rankmathforfree
Bright Local: &u=3293411 &m=33269 &urllink= &afftrack=
Schema Validator:
Local Falcon:
Google CWV:
Osborne Digital Marketing On page SEO Checklist:

How To Install Google Analytics:
How To Install Google Search Console:
Create A Google Business Profile:
What Is A Backlink:
What Is A Keyword:
What Is Schema:
How To Install Local Business Schema:
What Is On Page SEO:
Upload Sitemap:
Index Your New Web Page With GSC:

0:00 Intro To Local SEO Tutorial
0:11 Local SEO Checklist
0:40 What We Will Cover
1:10 Our Case Study
3:15 Google Business Profile Review
8:13 Local Grid Search
10:46 Domain Review
14:58 Keyword Research
18:38 Core Web Vital Test
21:00 Schema Markup Validation
22:10 Citation Audit
25:13 Competitor Analysis
34:52 Select The Local Keywords
36:02 Plan Local SEO Campaign
39:25 Install Google Analytics & Google Search Console
40:33 Improve UX & Speed
42:34 Onpage Optimization
47:24 Understanding POP Report

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How To Use ChatGPT For Google Business Profile And Local SEO

Learn how you can use ChatGPT to optimize your Google Business Profile and improve your local SEO using prompt templates from Keywords Everywhere.

Download Keywords Everywhere here:


00:00 Intro
01:29 Optimize Your Google Business Profile
03:55 Attributes For Google Business Profile
05:02 Generate Google Business Profile Posts
06:26 Generate Q &A For Google Business Profile
07:34 Generate GMB Post From Content

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