How to Win at SEO Through Great UX Today & Beyond


How to Win at SEO Through Great UX Today & Beyond

Want to win at SEO? Consistently deliver a great user experience. Here's how to create satisfying answers for users and win more clicks.

Integrating UX Principles Into Your SEO Strategy | by Sam Torres, Managing Partner

Outranking Summit –
This session is a recording from the Outranking Summit Sep 1-2, 2021.
Sam Torres is the Managing Partner at The Gray Dot Company

In this session we discuss:
1. Why UX and SEO should be collaborative (and how to pitch that to your teams/clients)
2. Easy principles to follow to improve your SEO program (no design skills or writing user stories needed!) is an advanced AI-powered writing and researching platform to create high-quality SEO-optimized content.
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SEO 101 | SEO For Beginners | Complete SEO 101 Walkthrough

SEO 101 | SEO For Beginners | Complete SEO 101 Walkthrough

This video is a compilation of a video series I did in 2019 that is an SEO 101 introduction.

It starts from the VERY basic “What Is SEO” up through installing security for your site.

I will also be breaking this up into a FREE course on Legiit Courses that you can find here [Coming Soon] that will be updated periodically to include the next steps etc…

There is a lot of SEO 101 content out there, but in my opinion none of it truly explains it in a way that someone just finding out about SEO will benefit from it.

What Is SEO? –

SEO 101 –

On-Page SEO Walkthrough –

Local SEO Walkthrough –

Organic SEO Walkthrough –

SEO Link Building Guide –

SEO – A Complete SEO Guide Everything You Need To Know About SEO –

This video can be found on this channel

So this SEO for beginners SEO 101 walkthrough is for you if you have just found SEO or you have been doing this for a while, enjoy!

How To Rank #1 On Google In 2020 & Beyond | Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ready to Rank Your Website #1 on Google? Discover the fundamental ranking strategies it takes to leverage the power of SEO to rank your website #1 on Google’s search engine! Dive into the knowledge it takes for generating endless streams of passive income by dominating Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)!


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�� About this video : Want to rank #1 on Google? Want to get droves of visitors to see your website, landing pages and offers? Sure you do. Everyone does, right? But here’s the truth. It’s getting harder and harder to rank in the coveted number one spot on Google today.

Yet, there is a pathway forward. There is a strategy that still works. Call it bulletproof or call it what you want. In fact, today, into 2020 and beyond, it’s really the only way you can rank your site on the top of Google’s SERPs. So if you want to learn SEO the right way, and annihilate your competition, then be sure to watch this entire video.

SEO is not some mystical and magical power that some have that others don’t. Rather, it requires understanding the tried and true fundamentals that actually help websites rank at the top of search results. It’s not brain surgery. But it does take work. So be prepared to actually put in the time to get this done.

If you’re ready to invest in your future and take your SEO skills to the next level, drop a comment into the comments down below!





Please note that all of the info you find on this YouTube Channel, along with any of the resources that are available to download or review, are meant merely for educational purposes.

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7 Ways UX Can Improve Your Site’s SEO

In this episode of The Blueprint, we explore 7 ways UX can improve your site’s SEO, from optimising your content, to cleaning up your website design and creating a clear user path.

Blueprint is a weekly series presented by Contrast that will focus on a specific topic or feature related to eCommerce, allowing you to gain insights and knowledge to boost your own eCommerce store.



00:00 Intro
01:03 What is UX?
02:57 UX + SEO strategy
04:56 How does Google know this?
07:48 People Over Robots
09:10 Optimise your content
11:20 Optimise Navigation
12:41 Clean up your website design
15:06 Improve your site speed
18:13 Create a clear user path
20:00 Make it mobile-friendly
22:05 SEO + UX = Win


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