Content Distribution: Getting Started in 9 Simple Steps


Content Distribution: Getting Started in 9 Simple Steps

Great content that no one reads just drives a poor ROI. Learn how to efficiently distribute your content and make your content marketing successful.

Boost Your Content Distribution Strategy with AI: Top Tips & Tricks along with tools | DigitalThakur

Are you struggling to get your content seen by your target audience? Artificial Intelligence (#AI) might just be the solution you’re looking for! In this video, #digitalthakur explores the ways in which AI can help improve your content distribution strategy. From personalized content recommendations to automated social media scheduling, we’ll cover the latest AI-powered tools and techniques to increase your reach and engagement. Tune in to discover how you can leverage AI to supercharge your content distribution efforts!
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Learn how to Grow Your Business with Video Marketing and Social Media on the Digital Thakur Channel.

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The secret to winning content distribution

Oscar Frost, Senior Content Executive at Cognism talks about the Secret to Winning Content Distribution. In this, Oscar discusses why content distribution is important, how to improve your content distribution, the content distribution funnel and more.


00:00 Intro
00:52 Why you should distribute?
04:22 I can’t tell you what to do
05:18 Content distribution do’s
07:06 Content distribution funnel
08:38 Content distribution funnel – Antenna channels
10:01 Content distribution funnel – Hybrid channels
11:14 Content distribution funnel – Subscription channels
12:51 Repurposing
14:09 Test everything
16:41 Closing thoughts/ recap



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Content distribution 101 | Demandism

Welcome to Cognism’s Demandism. A new series aiming to give you actionable tactics to execute a demand generation first strategy to deliver month-on-month marketing revenue growth. Cognism’s marketing leaders Alice De Courcy, Liam Bartholomew and Fran Langham discuss Cognism’s content distribution strategy for organic and paid channels, including a feature on LinkedIn content distribution from special guest speaker, Binal Raval, SEO & Content Executive @Cognism

Content distribution 101 | Demandism

00:00 Intro
02:35 Scaling you company LinkedIn page
04:43 Where can the valuable content for your LinkedIn posts come from?
05:40 LinkedIn dos and don’ts
16:30 LinkedIn tips and tricks
19:56 What tips would you give for multi-product companies that target multiple personas?
21:12 Who is responsible for content distribution
23:42 Subject matter expert content distribution
24:01 Podcast
24:17 Blog
24:45 Interactive pillar page
25:03 Paid video ads
25:14 Organic social
25:37 Newsletter
26:02 Paid social for content distribution channel
34:11 Paid social structure
42:30 Distribution in demand generation


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How to Build a Successful Content Distribution Strategy

Tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks? Us too.

We teamed up with @planableapp to bring you a free 1-hour event on building a successful content distribution strategy.

Access this replay for the webinar we hosted together – webinar registrants also got bonus access to Notion templates you see in this video.

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